Workplace violence is burgeoning by the day, and this has made it essential to conduct criminal record checks before hiring an individual. Pre-screening new applicants can protect the reputation of the organization a great deal. Preventing crime at the workplace through proper screening that include criminal record screening has become inevitable for the reasons that it can promise the safety of the present employees and employers, it prevent employee theft, avoid unnecessary lawsuits and ensure that the credentials are authenticated.

Searching for criminal records has to start at the place of residence of the applicant. In case, the applicant is a criminal, then records of offenses and convictions or dispositions will be available with dates and details. Criminal records can be procured from the court records of the state, files from federal courts and databases of sex offenders. For most detailed information check out the county criminal searches. Verify with the county the applicant has resided earlier and is living currently to get a comprehensive report on their charges if any. can provide all the assistance in retrieve criminal information of the applicant if any.

Criminal databases are not maintained by all the counties. But if the name matches with the records then it is easier to retrieve the information from the database. Old records are always stored and gaining access is a simple process. The search has to comprehensive so that no information is left untapped especially when it comes to criminal records. In most counties, exclusive records are maintained for misdemeanors and felonies. In some cases, it is maintained as combined index.

Misdemeanor includes threats, substance abuse attacks, weapon charges and assault. Felonies are serious crimes and have a high punishment rate. It is essential to check both categories to be double sure about the applicant’s background. The State Criminal Repository is the master database where all criminal records from countries are saved. Not all state maintain this database if your state has one then avail it.