000000021574The majority of women have hairspray on their bathroom shelf nowadays. How do you use your hair spray? Will you spray it just on the top of the hair to make the desired hold or apply it near to the hair roots? You must use the hair spray differently based on your hair structure like dry hair, curly hair etc. There are hair sprays specially designed for certain things apart from offering you the desired hold. You can use hairsprays to safeguard your hair from the severe exposure to the sun. If you don’t like fragrance smell then there is perfume-free hairspray designed for people similar to you. Thus you can pick a hairspray based on its purpose.

Do you want your hair move naturally? Then use can spray light hold to your hair. The strong hold hairspray retains your hair in place against storm weather. Have you spent huge money for an elaborate hairstyle and want to keep it safe for a while? In such situations, the ultra-string hold is very helpful. You can visit the official website of Hair Spray Central and choose the best hairspray based on your hair type from the detailed reviews of different hairsprays available in the market. You can read the detailed reviews and pros and cons of the popular hairspray.

There are special hairsprays that are suitable for styling each hair strands of your hair when you have short hair. Here are some of the tips on how to apply the hairspray properly.

The recent hairsprays are innovative that avoids your hair from sticking together. To achieve this, you must hold the can at least 30 centimeters away from your hair and spray it. You must keep the spray bottle in constant motion when spraying. You must check whether the spray nozzle is gummed up, before spraying the hairspray. Or else the spray will not come as a fine mist from the can and leave as sticky spurts from the can.

Do you want more volume to your hair? If so, then you must follow the below procedure. You should shake your hair will by holding in the upside down position. Then throw your hair backside again without putting much force on it. You must lift individual hair strands and apply the hair spray on the individual strands under the strands from a shorter distance. Let it be dry for some time before moving to the next strands.

People with bob haircuts must follow specific method when spraying hairspray. You should lightly lift the covering hair and spray the hairspray at an angle from beneath towards the hair ends. It will give wonderful hold to the side hairs.

Do you have sensitive hair? Then you should be careful since hair spray contains alcohol that dries your hair and scalp. If you have sensitive hair, it is better to apply it only on the end of your hair. You should avoid hair sprays when you have oily hair since hairsprays are particularly designed to give shine to your hair. Using hairspray in an oily hair makes your hair shinier.