There are many factors that determine the international shipping costs. The shipping companies offer packages based on the necessities and circumstances of the clients, and so the rates differ from one client to another. Here, let us discuss some important factors that determine the cost of the international shipping process. To have a convenient and not so expensive international shipping experience, you can approach e Shipper.

Mode of Shipment: The shipment methods have a significant role in fixing the international shipping rates. For instance, the costs differ based on the choice of the whole container or the sharing service. The whole containers that you might need in the case of relocation to a new place or shipment of a large number of items will definitely cost you more than the container sharing method. Also, the type of goods that you need also decides the shipping rates. You need to pay more to ship delicate and fragile goods as the process involves special package and extra care.  You also need to pay a higher insurance to ship fragile goods. The goods that are large in size involve high shipping rates than the lighter and smaller goods.

Mode of Transport: The mode of transportation that you opt largely decides the rate of international shipping, but this does not include the transportation that happens via oceans. Land transport involves door to door services, and so the shipping rates are quite high in this mode of transport. The most reputed international shipping rates are dock to dock and port to port. You can choose one according to your budget, conveniences, and requirements.

Destination of Shipment: The international shipping rates are determined by the shipping destination. The difficulties involved in the transportation and travel distance affect the shipping costs immensely. The weight of the product should also be considered to fix the rate.