home-for-saleThe white and red lighthouse in Hilton Head Island is viewed as the unofficial logo of Hilton Head Island. You must ensure to visit the lighthouse when planning your next trip to Hilton Head.

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The locals say shopping is the elevated experience on this island and the oceanic view from the top of the lighthouse is wonderful. The lighthouse contains red and white barber pole extending up to ninety feet in the air. The 90-foot lighthouse has exactly 114 steps and people with bad knees finding it hard to climb the stairs.

The view from the top is the wonderful experience on the Hilton Head Island. It also has a museum containing displays at about ten landings when you climb. Most of the gifts for sale are specially designed for the lighthouse. It is tough to trust that above 2000 items occupies the small lighthouse space. You can find merchandise in every nook and corner of the lighthouse. The prices of these items are reasonable in this area. This lighthouse is the only lighthouse in the US that offers gifts for climbing.

In addition to the lighthouse, you can explore several natural environments in Hilton Head Island. This was the only lighthouse built in the late 1800s. You can see the beacon of this lighthouse from 15 miles at sea, so you never think it as a facsimile. The Hilton Head Island lighthouse remains at the sentinel from the time of its construction at the south end. Hilton Head Island lighthouse is the visual treat and stays the visual centerpiece of the Sea Pines district and also the Island’s unofficial symbol.

The artifacts of 3000 to 5000 BC help you learn the ancient history and the story of the creation of this lighthouse. You can also learn how the island was established and developed by William Hilton in the year 1663 and how the Civil war that happened in the island impacted the growth and life of Hilton Head people.

When planning your next visit to the Hilton Head Island, you make sure to visit this lighthouse. It remains one of the wonderful attractions in the island destination. You should book comfy accommodations that are easily accessible to beach, restaurant, shopping, bike riding and various other fun options in Hilton Head. You have several accommodation options to pick on this island such as over 6000 villas, 1000 timeshare units, 3000 motel/hotel rooms, several resorts, and properties that provide convention facilities and meetings etc.

You can enjoy your vacation only when you find tasty food in the vacation destination. Hilton Head is definitely the wonderful place for food lovers. It has more than 250 restaurants and you have the options to taste fast-food to gourmet.