portable-grillWhether having a quiet dinner in your garden or inviting friends for a rocking outdoor party, portable grill can essential to serve hot and sumptuous food to your guests. There are umpteen portable grill options but before choosing one it is important to go through consumerreports.org/ on what the customers have to say on the products and services. Before buying a portable grill keep the following factors in mind.

Energy consumption
Investing in a home appliance has to be done with care. The energy consumption could make or break your monthly budget. Check for star rated appliances to save on electricity bills. The energy used by the grill has to be less and the output should be quicker. Find out how much of energy is consumed in an hours. A product consuming a minimum of 12,000 BTUs per burner is a good choice.

Use of standard material
Stainless steel material is the standard for portable grills. But not all manufacturers use high quality steel, check for 304 grade stainless steel, it is rust free. A 403 grade stainless steel can rust easily and is of poor quality. The best way to check is with the help of a magnet. In a 304 the magnet will not stick proving its quality. On the contrary 430 will be attracted to the magnetic field.

Catering area
Depending on the size of the guests you will be entertaining the cooking range has to be selected. For frequent hosts, 1,000 sq inches is advised to ensure the queue moves quickly. If it is for a family cooking or a small bunch of friends then around 600 to 900 sq inches would be a great option.

Mode of fuel
Grills come with different fuel modes. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose a fuel option for your grill. There is two major fuel options available, gas or charcoal. Each has it own advantages and disadvantages that are listed below.

Gas portable grills
For those who are looking for a quick meal and do occasional grilling, gas portable grills is a great option. It can be used to get a quick hot dog or burgers up on your plate. The benefits of a gas grill are, it heats up quickly, no mess and easy to clean. Though, some noted disadvantages are that it does not smoke barbecue like charcoal does and the flavor could be a missing factor. Another issue is, gas grills with a single flame emitting bar is not capable of providing sufficient hear to caramelize the food. It is best to look for grill with more heat sources or lava rocks or mimic charcoal for proper heat distribution.

Charcoal grills
This is for professional grillers who work most of the time near the burner. It is here you can learn how to cook on slow and low barbecue. It gives you a complete charcoal flavor while cooking in the open. Drawbacks are it does not produce enough heat quickly and could be a mess cleaning up. While buying charcoal grills look for cast iron grills these are better conductors of heat when compared to stainless steel rods. Moreover, the area has to be big to accommodate huge chunks of meat to get a great barbecue.